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Wellness Event

Beyond Wellness Event

This innovative practical intervention focus upon physical health and fitness.  This event involves participation in  walking for fitness , entry level fitness tests, BMI, cholestral checks, goal setting, basic meditation and stress management techniques over a day.

The Beyond wellness event provides participants with the opportunity participate in a practical event designed to improve awareness of participants current health and fitness and use key measures to make decisions for future health and fitness.

The event can be delivered at any location in the UK

The Outdoor Space Concept

Clear Sky Associates are innovative in the design and delivery of events.  We combine great locations in the UK countryside with a uniqiue approach to learning.   We use a blend of techniques to give to deliver dynamic, interactive and highly experiential events which include the sharing of captured learning, group exercises and reflection.

Our events are delivered to meet your requirements and a full proposal is provided prior to an event following careful consideration of your aims and objectives.

The Impact

At the end of this intensive day you will:

Have had a great time and learned a lot about your health and fitness.

Commit to three actions that will improve your health and fitness.

Understand the benefits of a more healthy diet.