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Corporate Orienteering

Corporate Orienteering


Our orienteering events are delivered across the UK.   These events can be combined with team role development workshops, overnight stays and much more. Teams will be issued with a list of map references, each of which relates to a  clue. The answer can only be found by visiting the actual spot. The most distant places will be worth more points.

Teams can either work together as one group or split into two teams to cover as much ground as possible within the time constraints.

Corporate Orienteering Days experience focuses on two things:

Maximising enjoyment for the participants and uniting them through participation in different tasks. With the use of modern technology and a fresh approach to orienteering my away day experiences offer a unique and challenging day out for any size group of people.Orienteering evens can be combined with team building tasks or run as a distinct activity.


Thank you for sending us the video of our team building day. “I will forward it to the team. Thank you for ensuring Tuesday afternoon was a success, everyone had a really great time and we were very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge put into the day”. Julie Moxon Aggreko Northern Europe

Response – Thank you for booking with Clear Sky Associates – It was great to meet the team  I look forward to working with you and the team again soon. Alan Little – Clear Sky Associates.